What causes premature gray hair?

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Our hair is made from ‘hair follicles’ which are located 1-2 millimeters deep beneath the scalp. There are cells that produce the hair shaft and the outer sheath of the hair. In the hair follicle area, there are cells that produce pigment. Asian people have black or dark brown hair. Because there is a pigment called ‘Eumelanin’ which is dark in color, but people with blonde hair have less eumelanin. And there will be lighter pigment cells called Pheomelanin.
These pigment-producing cells are like other cells in the body that will inevitably deteriorate, work more slowly or die, and cells will be created. new person to act instead But there are some factors that can cause cells to deteriorate faster than normal. Or when cells die, there are no new cells to do the job instead. As a result, there is a condition called gray hair .

People of different races have different ages when they start to have gray hair. On average, Asian people tend to start having gray hair before the age of 40, while white people usually experience gray hair before Asian people. The average age is approximately 35 years. Therefore, โปรโมชั่น ufabet it is believed that genetics plays an important role in premature graying of hair.

Factors that cause premature graying of hair


If gray hair is due to family genetics It is considered not dangerous. It’s just something that is set in the same way in the family. But it may only affect the feelings and confidence of the individual.

Lack of vitamins and nutrients

This can be caused by a lack of nutrients in the body to nourish the cells. Until the cells deteriorate to the point of being unable to create pigment. The nutrients necessary for hair growth and pigmentation include vitamin B12, zinc, iron, and omega 3, which can be obtained from eating nutritious foods such as red meat, green leafy vegetables, eggs, various grains, milk, and fish.


When the body is under a lot of stress The hormone norepinephrine is secreted. (Norepinephrine) or noradrenaline (Noradrenaline) acts as a hormone and neurotransmitter in the body. If this hormone reacts with the hair roots It will destroy hair follicle cells and pigment-producing cells. Can cause gray hair. Moreover, Stress also has a direct effect on causing hair loss and thinning of the scalp.


Nicotine in cigarettes When it enters the bloodstream Will have an effect related to the contraction of blood vessels. It also causes the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels. This causes a blockage, causing blood to be unable to flow to nourish various parts. conveniently in the body This is the cause of the blood being unable to fully nourish the hair follicle cells and pigment-producing cells. and eventually becomes gray hair

How to treat premature graying hair

It can only be treated from certain causes and must be targeted. For example, gray hair is caused by the sale of nutrients. from stress Just eat foods that have essential nutrients and reduce stress. If this is caused by genetics, it cannot be completely cured. Hair dyeing may be used to conceal it instead.

Premature gray hair does not have any serious life-threatening effects, but only affects some people’s daily lives. If anyone is worried or
can’t accept It is recommended to consult a doctor to determine the cause of premature graying of hair.